Barbequed Shroom Bombs

81Some people are a lucky and they have warm weather all year long where they live. Others aren’t so lucky and they have to wait for the warmer seasons to start up their barbeques. Barbequing is a staple of family gatherings or tailgating parties or they can even be something used on a regular weekday night for a twist on dinner. They are great in the summer when it’s too warm to turn on your oven or stove and there are so many different mouth-watering recipes that are specifically made for barbequing. Even the types of barbeques differ slightly in the way things cook and taste. Some people have coal barbeques, some have propane, and some have smokers. No matter the way it’s used or the type, they’re a great way to get that food cooked and celebrate or just relax on a nice day. Here is a delicious starter recipe for you to try out.

82Ingredient list

  • toothpicks
  • mushrooms
  • jalapenos
  • (tons of other things can be added instead of the jalapenos like cornbread stuffing, cheese, etc.)

Today we are going to be cooking a delicious appetizer called Shroom bombs. Bacon has such a distinct flavor and so many are a fan of it already. It’s versatile and can be added to tons of different dishes or be a snack on its own. Shroom bombs include bacon so for some that’s enough to give it a try right away. This recipe can be pre-assembled and put in the fridge to pull out for cooking later. It’s easy so if you didn’t get a chance to pre-assemble them it’s ok because they won’t take long and you might be able to steal a helper from your guests to give you a hand. You’ll need a butter knife so make sure you have one of those handy already if you’re assembling it outside. Always be prepared and have your other ingredients handy too. You’ll need a small bowl of jalapenos. A dish of mushrooms, some toothpicks to pin this yummy bite sized food together and last but not least you’ll need some bacon. Barbequed bacon is so delicious so it’s going to just make this recipe go above and beyond. A good cut of bacon is also something you should strive for with this as well.

84With your butter knife carefully carve out all of your mushroom stems, always use your green bin for your organic waste and put your mushrooms on a tray so they don’t get mixed back up with the mushrooms still containing the stem. Pop in those jalapenos to the opening where the stem once was and grab a slice of bacon. Start wrapping your bacon around the mushroom to keep in your jalapeno.


Take a tooth pick and push it through the whole thing so it stays together while cooking. Place them stem side up on the grill at about 300-350 degrees for about an hour. You’ll know that they are done when the bacon gets crisped up. Have a drink handy if your sensitive to hot foods and you’ll be all set. These are absolutely delicious and will be a crowd pleaser for sure. Enjoy the day and the food.