California Baby Back Honey Ribs


  • 1 Whole rack Baby Back Ribs
  • ½ cup of avocado honey
  • 1 cup tamari
  • 4 peeled whole garlic cloves

We are about to make a slightly modified version of this recipe but it will be so delicious you’ll understand why once you’ve finished and you have your first mouth-watering taste. Instead of the regular sweetener we replaced it with avocado honey, a rich dark honey. It’s a bit different then your run of the mill honey with its color and strength but it melds beautifully in this recipe. Fun fact – Bees make avocado honey by flying to a blooming avocado tree, collecting nectar and bringing it back to the hive.


Prep and Marinade: To start preparation, get your measuring cups, pans and bowls. Wash your hands well to prevent any germs contaminating the food. Turn your oven to 325 degrees so make sure it’s preheated for when it’s needed. The first thing we will be working on is the marinade. Measure out one cup of tamari in a small sauce pan. Peel your fresh garlic and add 4 whole garlic cloves into your sauce pan. Before you measure out the avocado honey I’ll let you in on a trick. Take your measuring device and swirl some olive oil around in it. That will prevent the honey from sticking to the sides of the cup. Once you’ve done this and the entire inside of the cup is coated in oil you can pour your honey in and measure half a cup out. Your honey should pour out beautifully into the pan. Stir this around and bring the mixture to a boil. Keep an eye on it because it will easily burn if you’re not really careful. Once that has come to a boil you’re ready to turn it down a bit and let it simmer for about 5 minutes.13

Baking:  While allowing your marinade mixture to simmer, add your rack of ribs to a suitably sized baking pan then add some water to the bottom and cover it with aluminum foil. Place the pan in the oven at 325 degrees for half an hour to 45 minutes. By adding the water to the pan and covering with aluminum foil you will create a steaming effect while baking. When your rack of ribs is finished its first sector of time in the oven, put on those oven mitts and remove. Next, tilt your pan over the sink to pour off the remaining water in the bottom of the baking pan. Once the liquid is removed you can pour your marinade over the steamed ribs. With the stove still at 325 degrees add those baby back ribs back to the oven uncovered this time. Be sure to baste often to keep the meat moist and flavorful. The ribs should be in for around a half hour more or until thoroughly cooked and ready to serve. Slice the ribs and arrange on a plate. Once you’ve taken a bite of these ribs, you, your family, and guests will be begging for more. Enjoy.14