Creamy Macaroni And Cheese Recipe

Enjoy the best macaroni and cheese recipe at home

we all love noodles because it soft and tender nature will melt in our mouth at once we byte it, the noodles was first introduced by Chinese people later it gets popular in all over the world now it is common recipe follow in all our kitchen. There are different types of noodles available in the world they are long curly instant noodles, soupy noodles, macaroni noodles etc. in all these noodles macaroni is the famous one which is been loved by all the people in the world. Using with simple macaroni we can make many awesome dishes which are tasty and healthy for our body. Perfect dish made using macaroni is creamy macaroni and cheese recipe this dish has plenty of nutritional benefits for our body it contains high amount of cheese and milk in it which good for our body’s growth. The high protein in milk and cheese will help in muscle development and the proteins are considered as the body builders so if we eat high protein rich content daily we can increase our muscle power and growth. people who wants to build muscles should eat protein rich food like milk, cheese, yogurt, chicken etc. even weight watchers can enjoy protein rich foods daily the diary products like yogurt, cheese and milk are now made using skimmed milk which does not contain fat content in it so we can have it every day without worrying about gaining weight. The yogurt and milk are good for our digestion during summer the yogurt can be blend to make cooling butter milk which helps to beat the heat at summer noon. If the macaroni is mixed with cheese it gives a perfect flavour and taste to our tongue and the dishes made with both combinations are highly rated among the people so it would be the best dish to try at home.


How to make macaroni cheese recipe at home?

Marconi cheese recipe can be made from the scratch without using any storage ingredients in it so to make the perfect macaroni cheese recipe we need the following ingredients they are eight ounces of macaroni, a cup of non fat milk, a bowl of pure cottage cheese, a bowl of cedar cheese, a table spoon of nutmeg, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper to taste. First boil the eight ounces of  macaroni  and wait until it cooks completely and once it is cooked drain the extra water in the  and rinse the macaroni with cold water and keep it aside.


Take bowl and mix the a cup of flour with non fat milk and then boil it for a minute later mix it with pure cottage cheese, a bowl of cheddar cheese, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper then mix the entire content with macaroni and sprinkle a low fat cheese on the top of it and bake it for an hour. Later take it out from the oven once it is completely cooked then serve it to all your family and friends by using serving plates.