Great Uses For Watermelon Juice

Quench your thirst this summer with a juice of watermelon

watermelon-juice1Watermelon is one delicious fruit which can also be very juicy and nutritious at the same time. Come summer and people would forget all other fruits except the crunchy and watery melons, as they provide the much needed water content to the consumer to help them quench their thirst.  There are different types of juices that any person can make. One of the most popular watermelon juice recipes though is the agua frescas juice, which is not only delicious but can also be tasty when used in the right proportion. Since the juice is very simple to prepare, needing only very few ingredients, any person right from the youngest one in the house can prepare them, to help quench the thirst.


Ingredients required for the pwatermelon-juice2reparation
The agua frescas juice requires very little ingredients and hence people can take in the quantity as per their requirements. The ingredients would be some chopped watermelon with their juicy water, a few diced melons, lemon juice, sugar, a few mint leaves and also some whole ice cubes. The appliances and other requirements to prepare this juice can include a blender, 1 large bowl, strainer, spoon and also a large glass jar. Once people have all the requirements, they can prepare the delicious juice in a jiffy.

Preparation procedure for the agua frescas juice

The first method would be to empty the chopped melons with their juice into the blender. While people can add the ice cubes at this stage itself, ewatermelon-juice3xperts would suggest otherwise, as it can lower the taste of the watermelons when beaten together. Hence only the melons are added and pureed them thoroughly till they are in their liquid form. Once the fruit is pureed thoroughly, they can then strain the juice of any unbeaten pulp or seeds that can still remain with the liquid. Once the liquid is obtained separately in one bowl, they can then transfer a portion of them in the large glass jar. With this, the lemon juice, sugar, mint leaves and the ice cubes are also added and mixed thoroughly. Once all these are mixed well, they can add in the few diced watermelons in the juice to add more feel to the already tempting juice. The ratio for adding the proportion would be in the form of 3:1:1/4:2. That is, when 3 glasses of watermelon juice is taken, the juice of 1 lemon must be added (can vary between different regions, based on the size of the lemon. Hence add the juice of the lemon as much as desired based on personal taste), followed by a quarter cup of sugar and 2 mint leaves in the glass bowl. People can either add the cubes either beforehand or just before serving, though the most preferred choice would be to add them just before serving. They can also make add some chopped melons in the mixture before they serve them. On the whole, this is one of the most delicious and also the healthiest juice for the people to maintain the water levels in their body during the extreme summer climate.