Great Uses For Watermelon Sticks

Best way to serve your watermelon Sticks and its great uses

Summer season is in full swing and people are looking for perfect relax under this hot climate. Our body and skin will be very bad by those hot sun rays and many of us avoid going under sun light. The nature has presented its goodness in fresh fruits and vegetables that satisfies your health needs. One of the main fruit that people prefer in this hot summer season is watermelon and trust me no one will avoid it because of it high water content.

The green color fruit has a divine taste and solves our hunger in drinking water by its delicious pieces. Inside this fruit you could able see the fresh pink flesh with lot of seeds.


Cutting style and methods

Let us move on to know the great uses of the watermelon and its sticks. This hard fruit takes a little more time in cutting it. The chef gives an introduction about cutting this and its many cutting styles. First thing you do is to rinse the watermelon well in cool water and rub it with clean cloth. Place that heavy weight fruit on your cooking table and use sharp knife. Keep it in a vertical angle to you and start cutting from the end of the fruit in a circular shape.

This watermelon circle pieces is now ready for you to create your own stick style. Cut them in to medium thin sticks and ensure that there are no seeds in it. Seeds may ruin your flexible eating, so only it is better to remove it from stick pieces.


Once you have applied your cutting style then it is moved to final stage of serving. This is best example for dumping and dipping fruit sticks. It will be a perfect delight when you serve these stick with combination of yogurt or barbeque sauce. No need to wait, just dip the sticks in to the sauce and your tongue buds are now enjoying a yummy taste in each sticks.

You can follow the four-step cutting process which will enhance your watermelon stick to be worked out well with any of your dish or party events. Commence the process by cutting it in half horizontally and put one half on your cooking desk.


Serving ideas and its look

Make sure the flesh part is in downward and cut it downside about few inches. This is depends on the thickness of stick you wish to have. Rotate your desk or table in which you are doing cutting work. Then cut it downward that is in opposite side of your other slices. Repeat these steps to the other half of this fruit. Serving possibilities are endless and make a best choice of serving like in silver platter or in a jar.

It is very suitable for your dinner party and you can serve it elegantly by serving it as a party appetizer in beautiful silver platter. If not you can try for presenting watermelon pieces in a bowl as a dessert dish.