Healthy Lunch Ideas: Tuna Boats And Spinach Salad

Try best easy and healthy recipes for your lunch and enjoy everyday meal

Human body needs three meals a day and they are called breakfast, lunch and dinner both three meals are important to do our daily activities.  The breakfast helps us to start our day so it should be perfect rich foods that are good in proteins, carbohydrates and fibre so that the meal will satisfy our appetite and make us to feel fuller. During lunch we can take healthy recipes that are rich in fibre and protein to avoid feeling sleepy after taking lunch we can make our lunch light by adding high amount of fruits and vegetables in our food. The dinner can be a lighter one which can be bowl of cereals or porridge because it will never make our stomach full so we can have good night sleep after taking the dinner. In those three meals morning breakfast and lunch is considered as an important for our diet because morning food will be utilized for about six hours a day then the rest six hours are filled by lunch so we should never skip both the meals in a day. We may be in a busy schedule and we may skip our afternoon dinner this will make us very tired and energy less and our appetite will never make us to do any work properly so we should eat good food at lunch. The lunch can made lighter by using simple vegetables, many people get confused what to take for lunch those people can prepare a simple salad using green leafy vegetables and supplemented by tuna boats would be a perfect lunch option to everyone. People should avoid taking instant food during lunch hours because the instant food are high in trans fats and sodium which will make your stomach fuller and will delay in digestion so always take healthy natural foods every day.


How to prepare tuna boats and spinach salad?

A health lunch can be prepared easily using the following ingredients they are a cucumber, a bowl of white beans, a bowl of tuna , a cup of canola oil, a small cup of Dijon mustard, salt, pepper , lemon zest, two table spoons of lemon juice. Take the half sliced cucumber and remove the seeds from it and take large bowl and mix all the ingredients in it and give a nice blend using a spoon then fill the mixture on each sliced cucumber thus tuna boats is ready to eat.


To prepare spinach salad take a bowl of fresh spinach and add a bowl of raisins, a well diced apples, a bowl of almond silvers and half cup of your favourite  salad dressing on it then mix the content using a large spoon and serve it with tuna boats. This recipe would be a great lunch ideas which are easy to prepare and fun to eat. The recipes can be altered by adding your favourite vegetables and fruits so the taste of it can be more improved and tastes good to eat.