How To Carve A Watermelon Football Helmet

How to make football helmet using water melon

The tastiest food in the world is fruits, because it natural have sweet taste in it which will lingers in our tongue and make feel wonderful the fruit in default have water content in it which will make crunchy and tasty to eat. One of the best inventions of god is fruits, because the fruits are enriched with many essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and no fats thus it is dietary friendly and good to taste. The fruits have a capacity to cure many diseases like cancer, viral infections, cold and flu by eating fruits everyday one can maintain idle weight and healthy body. Recent research shows that people who eat fruits daily can beat many diseases and can build immunity power in their body, the best variety of fruits can be grown in our home gardens are purchase in any wholesale fruit shops. Always buy natural fruits which are grown with minimum chemical fertilizers, awatermelon-football-helmet1void eating hybrid or artificial fruits. Always go organic and purchase the things which are natural and good for our health, the best fruits which we should eat everyday is watermelon and apples, these fruits are high in water content and make us feel hydrated throughout the day. The apples can build your immunity power and strength your body, it has capacity to reduce our appetite and feel us powerful throughout the day. The watermelons are summer fruits they provide essential water source for our body and make us feel full. Using watermelon we can create new dishes like popsicles, frozen ice cream, fruit mix, fruit salad etc. the better way to taste water melon is by eating it wholly, even the skin of watermelon is more beneficial and the inner white skin have more water content than the fruit, So why waiting enjoy eating the healthy watermelon everyday and improve your immunity power.


How to prepare football helmet using watermelon?

watermelon-football-helmet2The water melon not only rich in water source but it is also rich in vitamins and minerals, a one whole water melon have more than two litres of water content in it, this will serve as complete water source for our body. We can either drink water melon or have it as fruit, by inserting a small steel straw inside the watermelon we can enjoy the water melon juice easily and the flesh can be eaten separately by cutting it.


To prepare watermelon foot ball we need a sharp knife, a watermelon, and a dry sketch marker. First marks the lines in the watermelon to divide the portion for face in the helmet then cut the portion of it and remove the fruit from the skin. Cut down the base of the melon and divide it like a football helmet and fix it under the top portion of the melon using tooth picks. At last fill the helmet with small balls or tomatoes inside it, thus the football watermelon helmet is ready to wear.