How To Carve A Watermelon Shark

 Carve a Watermelon Shark for party appetizer fruit bowl

One of the best styles of serving party appetizer fruit menu like Shark-shaped watermelon fruit bowl and it is using specialised carving technique and method. This amateur fruit style can be performed in any of large fruit items. The best example for it will be large watermelon fruit and your design options are endless to think. You can stick on to any one of famous cutting style in which you are well-versed to do. For a new leaner this would be little difficult, so never mind you can get useful ideas from expert’s carving ideas.


The popular carving design which is well suitable for your kid’s fun parties is watermelon shark. Let us see how to carve a watermelon shark and present is in a large appetizing dinner bowl.


Shark carving style

Your kids surely love this shark watermelon and enjoy it with the combination of fresh fruit salad in a bowl. This shark is not a difficult task to do and even a new learner can do it by just having only few kitchen tools like large knife and spoons. Fruit salad is a common summer party dish and when it comes for a center piece of recipe work, the shark will surely be the show stopper in organizing your home parties.

The cutting process of watermelon starts with the main part of watermelon. Place it on your strong cooking table and commence the carving method at an angle to cut one by third of that fruit. Then keep it over the cut side and cut its wedges which are used for designing the fin.


Score 2 line marks in your watermelon with sharp knife at one inch from each of its edge. At a one inch strip level remove the outer layer of green peel from the fruit by using vegetable peeler machine. This outer layer skin part will be helpful in completing a perfect shark. You may miss out some green peel so for a full fin detailing process, use a small knife and remove the excess green peel from it. Once you are done with removal of outer layer part then it’s time for you to design the red pulp fruit. Cut that fruit by having good piece of chunks and you can use it in your fruit salad too.


Final design part

If you finish cutting the entire essential fruit pieces from the inner part then putt that fruit on its side. Take a spoon and rub the leftover inner fruit part and remove the fruit small pieces from it. In each strip of peeled rind fruit part, using knife you first carve triangle shaped teeth part of shark. At this stage use your wedge from previous cut style and this will complete the middle part for your shark design. Place the wedge on the shark head part and mark the eye are by fixing two tooth sticks on that area. Fix the blueberry for its eye part and in this stage, you dump the pieces of other fruits in to the shark’s mouth. Then a party appetizing fruit shark bowl is ready to serve your kids and family.