How To Make A Watermelon Grape Fizz Drink

Watermelon Grape Fizz Drink as party appetizer recipe

The easy party appetizing recipe which is very suitable for this summer season is watermelon grape fizz dish. Some people may be fond of dark grapes and some may tend to fall in love with watermelon pieces. It is all about their choice but imagine if both of the fruits are giving their contribution in one single recipe, then no words to explain about its taste. The dark grapes are highly rich in vitamins and mineral supplements.

They are well known for enhancing your skin with glow and shine. The next fruit is watermelon and it is best fruit for meeting your water thirsty. Both grapes and watermelon are rich in goodness of water content in their pieces. So spice up your working week with this fantastic watermelon flavoured recipes.

There is no hard work to do this dish and get a fine amount of grapes and watermelon from your nearby stores. If you can’t then receive ready-made or instant fruit juice mixes. But for a complete recipe making process, you should spend some effort in cutting fruit pieces. Grapes are very easy to pick and use but be sure in buying seedless grapes.

The next big task comes in cutting watermelon pieces. Don’t worry in cutting it in your own flexible shapes because this is not for proofing your cutting style. You can cut it in any shape and size as you finally grind it in your food processor.

Perfect juice mixes

After cutting it in to desired shape then next step is to grind it well. If you are serving for few members then no need of cutting entire fruit pieces instead take an account of juice quantity. For a normal serving you need to have around half of your large food processor size. The mathematical quantity is of around 250 ml to 300 ml level. Grind the fresh watermelon pieces in your food processor and wait for its juicy consistency.

Buy a fresh and tendered watermelon pieces and this will make sure a quick juice mixes to your recipe. In the mean time take the fine grapes and grind it well. These seedless grapes are very tasty and bring attractive colors to your dish.


Appealing serving style

watermelon-grape-fizz-drink5Then transfer the watermelon juice in the big jar and grape juice in a small tumbler or bowl. Since this recipe’s main ingredient is watermelon, you must use it in large quantity that that of grape juice. You can consider a quarter level of grape juice from the large quantity of watermelon juices. Take those fruit juice jars and in a tumbler add watermelon juice first and mix the latter one’s juice. Wait for few minutes until the two juices are mixing well with each other. After that put enough pieces of ice cubes or crushed ice cubes in a glass or tumbler. Transfer this juice mix on to these glasses and pour nicely such that by ensuring ice cubes are absorbing the juice essence. Serve this party appetizer with a straw to your guests and families.