How To Make A Watermelon Strawberry Smoothie and Popsicle

Watermelon Strawberry Smoothie and Popsicle making process

The best and easy summer recipe for kids that just needs only few ingredients from your left over’s of kitchen fruit items is fruits smoothie. There is no restriction in using fruits, so make a use of use kitchen fruits in this recipe. The name of recipe watermelon strawberry smoothie and popsicle, tells about the mentioned fruit’s usage as ingredient in this menu. It is an easy to fix dessert dish and your kids will love the juicy taste of those fruits.

All the mentioned fruits are having specific taste qualities and sure our effort in making it will get good rewards from your little family members. It is not quick recipe in your making time alone, because it has quick ingredient options too with its few fruit lists.


Few ingredient options

The few ingredients list covers with watermelon, strawberry, and banana only. For giving a creamy appeal you need to have some fresh yogurt. For mixing process use your kitchen blender machine or food processor. The blender combines all the juice mixes together whereas the latter one grinds them well. It is your choice to pick from this option.

It is better to go for the blender machine and it is perfect for your smoothie process. Choose fresh fruits if you are going to serve this dessert recipe in your home parties and other event. But don’t bother if it’s only for your family member’s serving and so you can use the old leftovers of fruits.


Blending and freezing process

You can try different yogurt types lemon yogurt and it will bring some magical flavour to your dish. This will definitely spice up your fruit smoothie recipe. Start doing this smoothie by blending fruit mixes in the blender. Before doing this take an account of each fruit’s quantity level, when you are not sure about serving level. For a normal serving level, you take about two cups of watermelon and one bowl of chopped strawberries.

Take one banana and it is enough for this dish. This avoids over powering of fruit taste and enhances the yogurt flavour. Take few spoons of yogurt from medium bowl and it gives final touch in this party appetizer smoothie. In a blender or food processor, you just combine watermelon and strawberry pieces.


Then mix this juice with one peeled banana. You can slice it or else put it directly in this blender. Then blend them all together to get a fine and thin paste of juices. Finish this process by adding fresh or lemon yogurt to give a warming color and nice fragrance to this dish. This is perfect for smoothie dessert alone but not for smoothie popsicles. So get a good amount of popsicle sticks and paper cups. In paper cups put sufficient amount of blended fruit juices and settle down it nicely. Repeat these steps for all cups and put popsicle stick in each cups. Then refrigerate it in your freezer to get that perfect smoothie popsicles. Serve this fabulous popsicle fruit smoothie to your lovable kids.