How To Make Cranberry And Nut Bars

Make a yummy treat with cranberry and nut bar

Cookies, cakes and bars are the yummy treats which everyone loves to eat. These are available in various flavours, colours and shapes in the market. Mostly these items are not prepared in our home rather we love buying and eating from the outside market. These items are made by combining the ingredients and baked until it is brown in colour. These are served as snacks.  These can be found in all the dining during celebrations, events and parties.


How about making a cranberry and nut bar? It is one of the yummy and delicious snacks made up of cranberry fruit and nuts.

Medicinal values of cranberry

Cranberry is of different types. They are found in various colours and flavours. These have high medicinal value and were used as medication in earlier days. This is mainly used for the treatment of bladder and kidney problems. This is also used for curing wounds and poisoning, also as food dye and fabric. It is scientifically proven that cranberry’s juice is effective urine acidifiers. These are even used in the treatment for cancer. It has medicinal value, so it helps to maintain our health. Not only cranberry there are various other fruits which have high medicinal value. Drinking cranberry juice is good for health; it helps to increase the salicylic acid in our body. There are also many other medicinal values of cranberry.


Cookies cakes, bars are or complete without nuts. Nuts are rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and omega 3 fatty acids. These are really crunchy delicious which are used in cakes, desserts, icecream, etc. You can even eat nuts simply because this will provide energy and nutrients to our body. It also helps to add calories and vitamins to our body. Vitamins like e and b-complex are available in nuts, which is good for the body.

Method for preparation

Making a bar with cranberry and nut is a healthy way of fooding.Making a cranberry nut bar is very easy and can be prepared within minutes. First you have to preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Next is the mixing of the batter for the bar. Take a bowl add some buckwheat flour, add some gluten free baking mix, small amount of aluminium free baking mix, salt, cinnamon, mix it then add some milk into the mix, a cup of apple sauce and also two eggs into it. Vanilla and honey can be added to add the flavour and taste to the food item. Mix the batter well until it reaches the required consistency. Now you can add cranberries into the batter and also some almonds. Next is the process of baking, for this you need a baking bowl and grease it, pour the batter into it and keep it in the oven for 45 minutes. Allow it to cool after taking from the oven and you can serve this delicious yummy treat to your family and friends.


You don’t have to buy these items from the market. Try making this treat in your home which will be healthy and delicious.