How To Make Fish With Chips

Enjoy your weekend by making fish and chips at your home

The food is an essential one for all living organisms; the food we eat is prepared from the natural ingredients like fresh fruits, vegetables, milk and milk products, meat, chicken, spices, grains and fish. When a food is prepared with any natural ingredients in a hygienic manner then it would taste great and make us feel wonderful, the best foods can provide enough nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre which is considered as essential for human living. We should be careful in making the food in a right way because the introduction of artificial flavours and colours has spoiled the goodness of the food and made unfit to eat. Thus while preparing food in home we should use only the natural flavours ingredients to enhance its taste and not the artificial ones, a small pinch of spices will make the dish to taste lot better then why we should use taste enhancers. Today the fast foods and eating joints are providing instant food to the people those junk food will have high fat and sodium content in it and it will surely make us fat overnight and give us health related problems. To avoid such problems we can try preparing different dishes at home easily, in internet and cookbooks we can find many great recipes which can made very easily with simple ingredients and those dishes are considered healthy and tasty too. We all love eating fish but we have not tried fried fish and chips at home, it is a very easy and simple dish which can be made in a minutes of time. The instruction of making the fish and chips are given below follow it and make a great tasting dish at your home.


How to make fish and chips at home?

The fish is a rich source of vitamin and minerals, the oily fish has high amount of omega three fatty acids in it which can organise our blood pressure and reduce the cholesterol levels in our body. people who are lack in vitamin E should consume cod-liver pills daily which are purely made form fish oil or we can get that by eating fish daily, by eating fish we can protect our skin, eyes and hair because the vitamins in it will gives us glowing skin and sharp eyes. Then why waiting prepare healthy fish dishes at home and enjoy eating it.


To prepare healthy fish and chips we need the following ingredients they are fish, flour, pepper, salt, oil, egg, and sliced potatoes. First take a large bowl and fill it with any flour you like then season it with a spoon of pepper and salt then mix the content thoroughly. And beat a egg with water in a separate bowl and keep it aside, first dip the fish in the flour bowl and give a egg wash then again dip it in the flour and fry it in the oil. Fry the fish for ten to twenty minutes until the fish gets cooked completely at last fry the potatoes in the oil and serve the fish along with chips to your loved ones.