How To Make Watermelon Cranberry Sauce

Easy and freshly made watermelon and cranberries sauce

The fruits are best source of nutrients, when we consume a bowl of fresh fruits every day we can satisfy more than twenty five percentage of nutritional value in our body, every fruit has goodness of nature in it and it has power to reduce our appetite and keep us going. One can consume fruits during break time in between lunch or dinner, using fruits we can make many dishes or enjoy it wholly by making fruit salad or mix. People who want to reduce their weight and to maintain a healthy body can have fruits daily, its high fibre power will increase digestion in our body and help us to lose extra kilos we gained. Every fruit is rich potassium, iron, and magnesium and phosphorous these nutrients are very much needed for body’s growth development. Today many people are eating fried and fast foods from outside but those foods contain high fat content in it which will increase our body weight but instead of that they eat a bowl of fruits everyday to avoid harmful fats. Each fruit has a power to decrease the toxic substances in our body and it helps to replenish our digestive system and make it new and powerful. The fruits taste good when we prepare salad or sauce in it, a simple salad can be prepared using four different fruits and with fresh cream. To prepare fruit salad we should chop the fruits in a bowl and add a fresh scoop of cream into it then mix it slightly and pour honey over it and serve to your loved ones. The fruit salad is a best way to taste different fruits at a time and it will never taste bore on our tongue, the best fruits that can be added in fruit salads and sauce are cranberries, apple, watermelon and oranges.


How to prepare fresh cranberry and watermelon sauce?

Both watermelon and cranberries are good in vitamins; the high water content in the watermelon will keep our body hydrated throughout the day and make us feel fresh and happy. The cranberries are cultivated only in the western and in European countries it is a tasty fruit which have both sweet and tangy taste in it, best way to enjoy cranberries is by preparing sauce, salad and pickles. The sauce prepared using fruits can be served in thanksgiving parties and in family functions; the dish is easy to prepare and fun to eat.


To prepare cranberry and watermelon sauce we need four cups of cranberries, a small bowl of cubed watermelons, a cup of maple syrup, a half cup of sugar. First take a large bowl and empty the cranberries into to and add castor sugar to it and mix it for a while then add maple syrup to the mixture and heat in a medium low flame. At last add the bowl of watermelon and spread the melons throughout the bowl and garnish it with mint leaves. Thus your favourite cranberry and watermelon sauce is ready to eat.