How To Make Watermelon Cupcakes

Stun the people with a different recipe by preparing watermelon cupcakes

Watermelons are one of the healthiest and also the most nutritious fruits, which can help a person to stay normal even during the summer days. While people, especially children might not find time to eat a whole watermelon slice during such days, a person can as well make them eat these fruits indirectly by preparing some different recipes using them. One such different, unique, healthy as well as a delicious recipe would be the cupcakes that can be prepared from these watermelons. These cupcakes can actually be prepared using simple and easy steps, enabling even small children in the house to prepare these watermelon cupcakes. It is not just due to the reason that they are easy to prepare, but also because children can find its preparation to be enjoyable to spend their time.


Ingredients and other requirements needed for the preparation

Both the ingredients and also the other items used to prepare these products can be minimal, ensuring that people can make this product in a jiffy. The ingredients can include thick watermelon slabs that can be used by the people to provide as a base for the cupcakes, icing or yogurt in different flavours such as strawberry, blackcurrant, vanilla or any other flavour of their wish, and also some sprinkles for the added decorations. The requirements for preparing the cupcakes can include a cookie cutter or even a drinking glass to cut the melons in the shape of a cupcake, frosting bags or even the readily and easily available zip-lock bags and finally some silicon cupcake liners or even some cupcake tins for this simple to prepare desserts. All these requirements can be readily available in the home or can even be found in any nearby store. Parents can even allow their children to prepare the simple recipe entirely on their own, without any help from them.


The only thing that a parent would have to do, if they use the zip-lock bags is cut one small portion from the corner of bottom end, to help the children to design the frosting over the melons. Also, the children would need the parent’s guidance and help to remove any seeds from the watermelons before they prepare the simple and healthy recipe.


Steps followed to prepare the simple dish

If people have all their ingredients and other accessories ready with them to prepare the dish, the method to prepare would be quick and easy for them to prepare. The person can simply cut out the melons in the shape of cupcakes from the slabs using the cookie cutter. They can then place them in the cupcake liners, preferably the silicone ones, as they can hold the juice of the watermelon within them. The next step is to decorate the top of the watermelon and also the remaining sides in the liner using some flavoured icing or yogurt, which can then be topped using the sprinkles. They can either serve these watermelon cupcakes as such or even serve them after storing them in a freezer for some time.