How To Make Watermelon Fire And Ice Salsa

Prepare a tangy and fiery watermelon salsa that can also keep you chilled

Watermelons are the most important fruits that can be used during the summer season to reduce the body heat of a person. While people can get to consume the fruit directly, they can also find numerous other manners through which they can intake the fruit. One such method is by consuming it in the form of a salsa. Since water is one of the vital factors for any person during the summer season, any person who has the salsa can get to drink a lot of water due to its tangy flavour. Since this recipe not only includes the usage of sharp objects such as knifes, but also risky ingredients such as jalapenos, children must stay away from preparing this dish by themselves. If interested, they can seek out the guidance and help of any adult from their family to help them prepare the dish.


Simple ingredients used for preparing the recipe

The ingredients used for the products are very minimal, such as 3 cups of watermelons, 2 tbsp of jalapeno pepper, and ½ a cup of green pepper, 1 tbsp of green onion, 1 tbsp of cilantro and finally 2 tbsp of lime juice. As much as the ingredients, the preparation of the watermelon fire and ice salsa is also very much simple, as people do not have to anything difficult to prepare this dish. The utensils used would be just a big bowl and a long handle to mix all the ingredients thoroughly. While these are the ingredients, people can also add in any other ingredients of their choice such as raw mango powder, salt or even extra virgin olive oil, if they wish to bring in more flavour to their salsa.


Preparation of the recipe in quick and easy steps

The watermelons taken for this recipe are diced in a minute size and are kept separately. The jalapenos can be very spicy when consumed with the seeds and its vein, and must be completely removed from both the particles before they can be added to the salsa. The same can hold true for the green pepper, which must also be removed of its seeds and veins before they can be added to the recipe. The green onions must neither be cut vertically or horizontally but in a slanting manner. This can ensure that the texture of the salsa is kept constant by the green onions, while also providing a totally new taste and feel to the food product. The cilantro must be chopped finely as they are used just for garnishing purposes. All these products are emptied together in a huge bowl and the lime juice is added along with the mixture and mixed thoroughly. If people still feel the lack of a punch in the recipe, they can even use the raw mango powder for the purpose. On the other hand, if they feel it to be too spicy, then can neutralize it a bit by adding some extra virgin olive oil to the salsa mixture and serve it chilled.