How To Make Wheat Free Pancakes

How to make wheat free pancakes at home

We need energy to do our daily work and that energy can be provided by the food we eat daily, the food is a source of energy whatever food we consume it is converted into the form of simple sugar and stored in all parts of body. thus, the simple sugar will converted into glucose to provide uninterrupted energy to our body and keep us going, when the energy levels has been deteriorated we will automatically feel hungry, so we should again satisfy our appetite to perform our daily work. No man can live without food because each and every activity done by our body is completely dependent on the energy produced by the food. The healthy natural food made with organic ingredients and hygienic conditions can provide us all essential nutrients for the body and make healthy and disease free. the food which contain high nutrition content are vegetables, fruits, grains, meat, chicken, fish, egg, milk and milk products when eat those foods daily we can able to build stronger muscles and pancakes2bones and also can improve our body’s immunity system. Today people are never eating food from their home they only eat food form restaurants and eating joint, but the food served outside contain high trans fat, sodium and gluten content in it which will make people fat and overweight. It also causes several diseases like heart attack, blood pressure, obesity and etc. the gluten is a common food material which is present in food such as burger, pizza, wheat products and in several western foods, by consuming the more gluten content we may get stomach pain, indigestion and several other health issues. To avoid it people can crave gluten free foods made using natural ingredients, a healthy and tasty dish we make every day is pan cake but it is known to contain gluten in it, but we can make it gluten free by avoiding wheat for cooking it, the instruction to make wheat free pancakes are given below.


How to make delicious wheat free pancakes at home?

Tpancakes3he wheat is a super natural ingredient which known to contain high fibre in it, the fibre can help in digestion and stomach problems but when wheat is mixed with milk products it may develop gluten. So to avoid it the pancakes are made without adding wheat flour in it instead we can use gluten free flour for cooking.

To make wheat free pancakes we need gluten free flour, two eggs, vanilla extract, vanilla yogurt, salt and butter. First take a large bowl and empty the gluten free flour in it then add a spoon of vanilla extract, two eggs and vanilla yogurt then Wisk the content for five minutes. Once the content is mixed well take sauce pan and butter to it and pour small amount of content into the pan to make pancakes. Once the cake becomes fluffy take it out of the pan and serve it by pouring maple syrup or honey to it.