Nutritious Vegetable Cooking Methods


32Fruits and vegetables are a very important part of our everyday diets and some people work very hard to make sure they are incorporated into their meals. Unfortunately cooking them the wrong way can be detrimental to the whole process and take away the nutrients and benefits we hope to gain from eating them in the first place. Eating your vegetables without the vitamins will still be better than an unhealthy food choice but I’m sure we all hope to gain all possible benefits in our diets from our vegetables and fruits. Gladly if your careful while cooking and look out for some key factors we can prevent loosing what makes adding healthy choices to our meals so important. I will help you out with this issue in the following article and we will discuss some ways to cook your vegetables so they retain the most nutritional value and taste the best.

33The first tip I’ll share is to choose vegetables that are easy to prepare. Vegetables that are easy to clean and chop are the easiest to add to your diet. Some of these vegetables are asparagus, broccoli which can be easily rinsed and the ends chopped off in seconds. There are many recipes that include fruit and vegetables that have to be cooked in some way or another but eating them raw is your best chance of retaining all possible nutrition so don’t forget to add some raw veggies to your diets whenever possible as sides, salads, or just to munch on for a quick snack. If you find some vegetables are too much work to prepare, don’t worry too much about them because there are plenty that aren’t and you can pick these ones up and add them into your meals easily.

34The second tip I’ll share with you is to cook your vegetables in the proper order. To give you an example: be sure to start with the aromatics such as onions, celery, and carrots followed by denser options such as broccoli or cauliflower. After that you can add less dense vegetables like peppers, zucchini, and mushrooms followed by greens such as spinach, chard, or kale. This way all the vegetables are done at the same time.

35The third tip is the key to great vegetables. Have you ever seen broccoli limp and pale green? That’s a sure sign of over cooking. When vegetables are overcooked, all the nutrition seeps into the water. The key to a great end product is to blanch your vegetables first. The blanch method consists of using boiling water to par boil for about one and a half to two minutes which is just enough time for the vegetable in this case broccoli to turn from an olive green to a bright green then submerge the broccoli in an ice bath which should consist of ice cubes in cold water. This method ensures the vitamins and color stay in the vegetable. It also helps keep the vegetable firm but tender to the bite. Hopefully this has helped inform you on some sure fire ways to get all the nutrients your body needs from your diet to keep you healthy and happy.