Procedure to make homemade cucumber yogurt sauce

Greek yogurt cucumber sauce is the best choice for people who like to spice up the dish with a flavorful creamy dip. Whether they like to top off the dish with any Mediterranean flavor or like to make a standalone dipping sauce they can try cucumber yogurt recipe at home. Yogurt is one of the traditional and major ingredients in the liquid kitchen. Let us see the procedure on how to make the Greek yogurt and cucumber sauce at home.


Ingredients required

  • 3 cups of plain full fat yogurt.
  • 2 cucumbers
  • 1 garlic clove
  • ¼ cup of fresh mint
  • 1 small yellow onion
  • Salt


Procedure to make Greek yogurt and cucumber sauce

After you make ready all these ingredients, you can follow this step by step guide to make this healthy dip or sauce at home.

  • To begin with the procedure, take three cups of plain and fat rich Greek yogurt and add the diced cucumbers to the cup, one minced garlic clove, quarter cup of chopped fresh mint leaves and one grated small yellow onion.
  • People who do not have fresh mint can use dried mint leaves but they have to crush the leaves before they add them to the mixture so that the flavors can get mixed with other ingredients. They have to use their own fingers to crush the mint leaves.
  • The reason for grating the onion is because it is not cooked. By grating the onion you can drain the liquid so that you can get a mild flavor of onion. Some people may not like the flavor of onion so reducing the richness of onion can make them feel happy to enjoy the recipe.
  • This is it, add all these ingredients and mix them together. Thus, Greek yogurt and cucumber sauce is made at home in few minutes. Add some salt for taste before you serve it on the table.


This is a sticky sauce that can be eaten with any recipes. It is best to combine with fresh warm bread slices or chicken kabob. Even people can enjoy this sauce by itself. This is the best dip or sauce to take with any of the Greek recipes. People can also put this dip in a bowl and slice up some pita. They can watch them fly off the bowl as everyone enjoys this dish. Cucumber is a water rich fruit that has several health benefits. Anyone can eat cucumber because it is free from bad sugar and fat. So, people following a strict diet plan can include this recipe in their meal plan. They can make their thirsty appetite feel full and happy. People can enjoy this sauce or dip during summer. They can even keep the sauce in the refrigerator for few minutes and serve it chill. If you are making this sauce to have a quick snack or meal, you can use refrigerated curd so that you can serve the Greek Yogurt cucumber sauce chill.