Sweet Potato Bourbon Cheesecake

Enjoy your favourite sweet potato bourbon cheesecake at home

We all love eating food at the restaurants because it has mouth melting taste and good in flavour but if we try the same recipe at home the dish will miss in any flavour or taste and it will taste same like restaurant foods so we avoid trying different delicacies at home. But for the different recipe makers the internet had introduced many websites which help people to cook different dishes at home they have given clean ideas for cooking the recipe at your kitchen and also help us in learn more tricks in making the dish tastier. Though people prepare many dishes in home they are bit weak in dessert preparations because deserts are easy to prepare but a minute delay in cooking or heating will completely destroy the recipe so most of the time we will buy our favourite recipes from shops and we will never try that in home. We all love cakes because it is soft in nature and melt in mouth in a single byte we can eat more than ten pieces of our favourite cheese cake at a time if offered. To make such a beautiful cake at home we may spend lot of time in kitchen and waste all the ingredients and finally result in big disaster so for those the amateur cooking people the internet has introduce a simple methods to cook world’s favourite sweet potato bourbon cheesecake. This recipe needs simple ingredients to cook and it takes hardly an hour to cook the whole dish and it also has the benefits of cheese, egg and sweet potato. This dish is a perfect one for serving in thanksgiving parties and in family functions and it will surely become a hit among the people who came for the party.


How to make sweet potato bourbon cheesecake at home?

The sweet potato has a goodness of fibre and carbohydrates in it which is good essential for muscle growth and digestion. The sweet potato is linked to the weight loss so by consuming it daily we can see the visible weight reduction in our body. It is good food for infants and children’s because the growing children needs more carbohydrates so this can be given by a perfect sweet potato. Its nature sweetness will be loved by the people of all age groups so if we make dish using it everyone will love the recipe and enjoy eating it.


To prepare sweet potato bourbon cheese cake we need a four boiled pieces boiled sweet potato or else we can buy the readymade one available in super market, four egg yolks, four egg whites, a spoon of vanilla extract, a cup of melted butter, a large salted cheese cream, a bowl of heavy cream and a large bowl of ginger spam cookies. Take a large bowl and add small bowl of ginger spam cookies along with a cup of melted butter and sugar and then mix the content and place it in the cake case and cook it for about half hour. For filling mix a large piece of salted cream cheese, four egg yolks, heavy cream, sweet potatoes and beaten egg white at last beat the filling mixture thoroughly and cook using the same cake case and after it cooked  completely  enjoy it with your friends and family members.