Tiger Roll Sushi


  • Seaweed wrap
  • Sticky rice
  • Fish eggs
  • Cucumber
  • Avocado
  • Mayonnaise
  • Tempura Shrimp
  • Soy sauce
  • Wasabi

Sushi has become so popular in western parts of the world as well as from where it originates and there are Japanese restaurants all over the cities and towns across the world. There are lots of different styles. If you’re not a fan of raw fish there are other substitutes like (cooked) chicken sushi and veggie sushi. That being said the regular sushi is still in high demand. One of the types of regular sushi in high demand is tiger roll sushi. You may be wondering why they call it a tiger roll and the answer to that would be that it’s supposed to look like a tiger eye of some sort. Interesting huh? But I know you’re only here because you’re wondering how they make it or how you can make it at home. Well you’ll have your questions answered soon.

First you need to have a bamboo rolling mat. Usually when making sushi you will use your seaweed wrap widthwise but because a lot goes into a tiger roll its best to use it lengthwise. With your bamboo mat widthwise and your seaweed wrap lengthwise lay out your precooked and prepared sticky rice with wet hands. Having wet hands keeps the rice from sticking to you too much while you shape and pat it down to form a flat layer all over most of your seaweed. Make sure you leave a one inch recession in the rice on the seaweed from one of the lengthwise sides to allow it to roll closed properly. Your sticky rice should be compacted well to the seaweed.

Next you will need some fish eggs which are sold at any Japanese grocery store. They may also be sold at specialty grocery stores if you’re unsure of a Japanese one nearby and they usually come in small 1 ounce tins. Proceed to spread the fish eggs all over the area where the sticky rice is in an even layer. The fish eggs that are red in color look really lovely in these rolls so use those. Cucumber is also used in sushi. Peel the cucumber and slice into short rods lengthwise then add a couple to the middle of the of the roll so you will be able to roll it up and have it run along the roll and end up in the middle once the sushi is closed up.

Our tiger sushi roll is not yet finished though. We need to peel some avocado and slice some pieces lengthways from the vegetable and add that into the roll with the cucumber also. A little bit of lettuce should also be added and then put on some mayonnaise. Regular will work just fine but if you mix some with fish eggs it will make it a tad better. Add in two pieces of shrimp tempura and adjust all ingredients so the sushi will roll properly. Start rolling up from the bottom with the recessed edge at the top and hold tightly to make sure it sticks. Once it’s secure slice it into 5 pieces to make sure it stays together well and add it to a plate with some soy sauce and wasabi on the side and you’ve made your own tiger roll sushi.